The LagBuster Advantage

Save Money

Avoid expensive subscriptions to high-bandwidth Internet connections and costly networking hardware.

Some Internet service providers charge as much as $50-80 more every month for gamers who want fast connections. But they still experience lag!

LagBuster is all you need to enjoy a LAG-FREE gaming experience.

What Customers Say:

"The Lagbuster is singly the best investment I've made for my online gaming."

- Frederick, XBL: Nytemar 01


Can't wait to start playing online games lag-free? LagBuster is available for purchase. Click here to view LagBuster specifications, set-up requirements, and what is included in the LagBuster package.


LagBuster has many features designed to you make your online gaming experience as lag-free and enjoyable as possible. Click here to explore many of the features that LagBuster has to offer.